Executive Director of Save A Child’s Heart, Simon Fisher, also revealed that surgical operations at the Wolfson Medical Centre have been extremely successful. Dr Fisher revealed that over 97% of surgical operations have been successful.

Home for all


The Legacy Heritage Children’s Home of Save A Child’s Heart in Tel Aviv is home to children from across the world. Despite the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, a significant number of children at the house are from the Palestinian Authority. Others come from Jordan and Iraq.


Many of the children at the Home also come from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Americas.

Marissa’s story, like that of the Save a Child’s Heart programme, is a lesson in kindness and selfless sacrifice that makes the world a better place. These stories must be told more often. Every day maybe.

This story by George Nyavor was written after he and 22 other journalists from Anglophone African countries went on a study tour of Israel on the invitation of the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry.